kevin lee

Writer, Host, producer, content creator & entrepreneur

It is true that I am all these things (and more: Follower of Jesus, father, husband, techie, coffee snob, and destroyer of cheeseburgers; amongst other things), but I assure you, I am truly a simple man (great song by the way, though I prefer the remake).

I write and produce content for one uncomplicated reason: I am a storyteller. Always have been, always will be: unapologetically. I’ve tried to stop myself over the years, but it hasn’t worked out well for anyone, so I continue.

I am preparing to publish my first novel in the coming months, and I have two more locked and loaded right behind it. So, I suppose you can say I don’t really get writer’s block.

As far as podcasting goes, that’s a newer obsession of mine. I started up a couple of years ago. Long/short, my brother fell ill and in the hopes of capturing him on video and audio, I devised a plan to start a podcast about movies, something he was interested in. It worked, he fell for my plan, which is a good thing, because he’s no longer around.

Needless to say, I enjoyed podcasting and decided to continue down its slippery slope. Today, I find myself the proud papa of five podcasts. They can all be located on my page.

Well, obviously there is more to me than just that, but it would take a book to tell the tale. And of course, there’s one in the works. I’ll let you know when I publish it.